Terms and Conditions through mediation

Event agency 24-7 Events works financially transparent. We are 100% independent and offer our clients financial added value. Event agency 24-7 Events is very happy to work with providers and suppliers of services, locations or products.

Our independence is reflected in the fact that we do not cooperate in any way with: Rate surcharges, commission payments afterwards, commission structures and / or kickback fees with providers of services and / or products.

Event agency 24-7 Events is happy to work with you as a provider of a service, product or location. We strongly believe in a transparent service to our clients. In this way we come together to great events for our clients. For this we ask you to accept the General Terms and Conditions below. Unfortunately, we cannot enter into a business relationship without your approval.

These Terms and Conditions for mediation apply to all legal acts, offers and agreements to which Event agency 24-7 Events has declared these Terms and Conditions for mediation applicable. These Terms and Conditions for mediation are an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Event agency 24-7 Events. Deviations from these General Terms and Conditions for mediation are only valid if they have been agreed in writing between Event agency 24-7 Events and the client and contractor.

Section 1
Client and contractor are understood to mean the natural person or his authorized representative as stated on the quotation from Event agency 24-7 Events.

Section 1.1
Mediator means; Event agency 24-7 Events, hereinafter referred to as intermediary, who mediates in the conclusion of agreements between clients and contractors as stated in the quotation from the intermediary.

Section 1.2
Mediation is understood to mean every stand-alone offer of contractors his / her service / product.

Section 2
Mediator mediates in the conclusion of contracts / services agreements between clients and contractors of mediator.

Section 2.1
Mediator receives compensation from the client for this, as described in the mediator’s offer.

Section 2.2
Mediator does not receive any remuneration for mediation from contractors, except for the provision as described in Section 4.7

Section 2.3
Mediator does not receive any commission or commission from contractors (in whatever form).

Section 3
A contractor (provider of services / products) does business with the intermediary:
– on the basis of trust, openness and financial transparency;
– to increase his / her possibilities as a provider of certain services and / or products.

Section 3.1
A contractor (provider of services / products) who does business with the broker makes his / her (personal) data available for the purpose of the assignment for which the contractor has been requested.

Section 3.2
The contractor concludes an agreement with the client at his own expense and risk to provide his / her service / product for the event, as described in the mediator’s offer.

Section 3.3
The contractor must meet the following minimum requirements:
is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under an active registration number
has a valid VAT number

Section 3.4
Since the broker works without commission, commission or kick-back fee, she expects the contractor to make its costs clear and without surcharge to make available for the cost overview in its quotation to clients of the broker. This offer to the client can also be seen as a so-called “net cost offer”.

Section 3.5
Client receives the quotation from contractor through intermediary. The client sends the quotation that it accepts back to the intermediary, on which the intermediary forwards this quotation to the contractor.

Section 3.6
Mediator is not a contractual party on behalf of the contractor towards the client and vice versa.

Section 3.7
If the client uses the service / product of the contractor without the intermediary having received an offer signed by the client, the contract is deemed to have been realized.

Section 3.8
In all cases when the client makes use of the service / product of the contractor (s) after the intermediary has submitted its offer for this service / product to the client for approval, compensation for mediation by the client is due to the broker.

Section 4
Mediator does not accept any liability for any form of damage to persons and / or movable property during the event of the client as described in the offer, directly or indirectly, that results from the service (provision) of the contractor or third parties.

Section 4.1
The client is aware that he / she must investigate whether to take out additional event insurance in the event of damage or other injury.

Section 4.2
Mediator exclusively and directly charges the client the costs (fixed fee or on an hourly or project basis) for its mediation. The client pays these costs directly to the broker.

Section 4.3
The contractor also directly charges the client his / her own costs for service (s).

Section 4.4
Invoicing of the remuneration for the contractor (s) as well as transport costs and / or travel costs of the contractor is effected by the contractor. The contractor’s general terms and conditions apply to the contractor’s invoice.

Section 4.5
Mediator charges a fixed fee per mediation. If mediation takes place between several services / products or persons, the mediator will charge a fixed fee per mediation. This mediation fee will be offered as 1 cumulative mediation fee by the mediator to the client.

Section 4.6
If the client refuses the service / product of the contractor for its event, as described in the quotation, the client does not owe 24-7 Events any compensation.

Section 4.7
If the client, after refusal of the service / product offered by the contractor by the intermediary, still uses the service / product as described in the quotation from the intermediary, and then outside the intermediary, the client still owes the compensation to the intermediary plus with 50% of the offered compensation for brokerage excluding VAT due to loss of income.

Section 4.8
If, after refusal by the client of the service / product offered by the contractor, the contractor still offers his / her service / product for the client and the event as described in the quotation of the broker via any means whatsoever, the contractor is a reimbursement due to intermediary being € 300.00 excluding VAT due to loss of income.

Section 4.9
Any follow-up orders between the contractor and the client of the intermediary and the associated fees not prior to mediation or offer by the intermediary are not subject to compensation for the intermediary.

Section 5
Mediator handles and secures personal data carefully and in accordance with the requirements set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Only the personal data that are necessary for the proper execution of the core activity (the mediation of contractors) and the conduct of good business operations are stored in the mediator’s system.

Section 5.1
Mediator does not provide information from providers to others or does not use it for other purposes without the provider’s explicit consent.

Section 5.2
Mediator saves data from providers in its files until a contractor indicates that it wants to be removed from the mediator’s files. The retention period for this is 1 year.

Section 5.3
Mediator excludes any liability whatsoever, directly or indirectly, that finds a relationship or cause in registering, assessing, presenting and otherwise using the data of the providers for which the provider has permission through collaboration in the mediator’s database granted.

Read and agree

The undersigned has read and understood the above General Terms and Conditions for mediation and unambiguously agrees.

Acceptance statement for contractors

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