Back to the Future DeLorean for Events!

For rent: Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

This beautiful Back to the Future car can be rented through the mediation of Event agency 24-7 Events. Down to the smallest details, this amazing show car corresponds to the one from the movie of the same name. The car has all the signatures of the cast from this iconic film trilogy.

Especially in the dark when all LED lighting is on, both inside and outside, gives a futuristic look to every event.

An eye-catcher that is very suitable for public fairs, car shows, company parties and events with a futuristic character. An icon that leaves an indelible impression!

Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine for a reveal-moment

The party is in full swing, the lights are dim. A short intro film is set on the 5 mx 5 meter video screen. Clips from the film Back to the Future take the guests back to the 1980s. The guests look amused, unsuspecting. Suddenly smoke comes from behind a curtain. A bright blue light shines through….. what is going on here?

The lights in the room flicker in sync with the video clip. Marty McFly travels, for the first time in time, back to the year 1954. And then ……a loud bang and the curtain disappears. And there, under dramatic music, slowly comes into the DeLorean Time Machine. Cameras flash and the screams of the guests confirm the surprise.

Is It “The Orgininal One”?

This is by far the most frequently asked question when the DeLorean Time Machine is at an event. It is not the original car, starring in Back to the Future. It is a 100% exact replica of the DeLorean Time Machine, as seen in the film trilogy Back to the Future. The owner had in mind: “When I will build the DeLorean Time Machine, it must be exactly the same. I want people to ask, “Is it him?” Well, that worked!

Back to the Future Party

Do you want an unforgettable company party or event in the theme Back to the Future including this fantastic show stopper?

Contact us today and ask for our unique Back to the Future company party.

Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine for your Event?

Commercial and marketing agencies

You have probably already seen the DeLorean Time Machine in a commercial on television. You immediately make a statement to your audience. We are regularly approached to rent the DeLorean Time Machine for a photo shoot or commercial.

What an ideal way for advertising agencies and marketing agencies who want to project a vision of the future for their clients. “We always arrive on time”

Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine for corporate parties

The DeLorean Time Machine is an ultimate show car. Because the car is fully functional, it is great to use for a business meeting, a company party or a wedding event.

How cool would it be to enter your venue with the DeLorean Time Machine. As a bride or groom to meet your future spouse? Together for the Future!

The costs for renting the Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

Payments and payment options
We offer you a variety of payment options. We charge additional costs for each payment method. These costs are stated after the payment method. These costs are calculated in advance on the total invoice amount excluding VAT. The amount excluding VAT is then increased with these additional costs, after which (21%) VAT is calculated.

The total amount, including VAT, are your total costs. You will receive a payment e-mail with our invoice as an attachment. We only charge you our brokerage costs plus costs for electronic transfer + VAT. You must provide us with your payment method prior to your order. We can then calculate the correct costs for you.

Your Payment Options:

  • Bancontact
  • Bank transfer
  • EPS
  • Giropay
  • iDEAL
  • ING Home’Pay
  • KBC/CBC Payment
  • Przelewy24
  • SOFORT Banking

If you want to rent the Back to the Future DeLorean, you will have to take the following costs into account:


Rental costs for renting the DeLorean Time Machine
An hourly rate applies to renting the DeLorean Time Machine. This hourly rate depends on the period in which you want to rent the DeLorean Time Machine.

There are 2 time slots that each have their own hourly rate:

07:00 am – 00:00 pm
00:01 am – 07:59 am
It is always calculated in whole hours.


Transportation costs
The transport costs for the DeLorean Time Machine are calculated per kilometer. The kilometers are calculated from the location of the DeLorean to the location of your event. The calculation of the total number of kilometers is calculated over the outward journey + return journey.

It is therefore advised to state the location of the event during your quotation request.

We need the following information from you at the event location when you request a quote:

  • Address + house number
  • Postal Code
  • City + Country

Based on this data, we can calculate the transport costs for you.

If you only know the city of your event, the transportation costs will be calculated accordingly. If the exact event location is known afterwards, the transport costs will be recalculated.


Accomodation + meal
To ensure a timely arrival, the owner will leave 1 or more days prior to your event. The costs for hotel and meals will be charged to you.

This applies to both the outward journey and the return journey.


Mediation costs
The mediation costs are a fixed part of the total costs for renting the DeLorean. We do the necessary work to realize everything for you. We will state our costs in your quote. So you know exactly what we earn from it, a crystal clear story.

What do we do for our earnings?

  • We process your quote request
  • We have contact with you and coordinate your wishes with complete satisfaction
  • We make an exact cost calculation for you
  • We have more than once contact with the owner and driver of Back to the Future DeLorean
  • We check the acceptance quote from the owner of the DeLorean
  • We will send you the acceptance offer for the service (in this case the DeLorean), so that you can sign it for acceptance.
  • We will check your accepted offer and, if agreed, we will forward it to the owner of the DeLorean.
  • We help with a good flow of your build-up day (in some cases we are personally there)
    All this work, which we are happy to do, costs the necessary time. We must charge you for that time.

We do not earn commissions, commissions, kickback fees. In our capacity as event broker, we provide all services at cost price. You will not find hidden additional earnings with us. Read more about our work as an event broker here.

You receive the invoice for our work directly from us. You pay us our costs directly. Invoices from, in this case DeLorean, are sent directly to you by the supplier. You also pay the supplier directly.

General conditions for mediation
As soon as you request a quote from us, in which we act as a mediator, our Mediation Terms and Conditions apply in full.

You will also receive these General Terms and Conditions through Mediation as an attachment to your quotation. All our suppliers that we offer through our mediation, have also accepted these Terms and Conditions through Mediation from their side. You can find the Terms and Conditions for Mediation here.

DeLorean Time Machine [Sneak peak]

Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine on your event?

Can you drive in the DeLorean Time Machine?
The Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine is unique in Europe. The car was hand built over a period of 5 years. It is an exact replica of the car that shone in the film trilogy Back to the Future. The car is worth approximately € 250.000. You will understand that we cannot let you drive around for a while. Driving the DeLorean in combination with the public is only possible under strict conditions.

Driving the DeLorean Time Machine is only done by the owner of the car. Driving the DeLorean Time Machine on public roads is in principle prohibited because it is a show car. However, driving on a closed private site is possible.

The DeLorean Time Machine drives just like a “normal” car. This makes the DeLorean perfect for a so-called reveal moment. You must first discuss with the event location whether this is permitted. The DeLorean Time Machine contains a fuel tank. Some event locations are not happy about that. This in connection with fire safety.

Country overview for rental
The Back to the Future DeLorean can be rented in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Sweden, The Netherlands and Wales.

Practical information for renting the DeLorean Time Machine

The measurements of DeLorean Time Machine are:

  • Width: 1,90 mtrs
  • Length: 4,30 mtrs
  • Heigth: 1,20 mtrs
  • Weight: 1500 kg (front 700 kg – back 800 kg)

When the event venue permits, you can choose to have the Lightning rod placed on the car. The Lightning rod is the well-known hook with which the car received 1.21 gigawatts of generated energy through a lightning strike. You must take into account a minimum height of 4 meters. Measured from the floor to the lowest point on the ceiling. The Lightning rod is mounted on the back of the car.

Security of the Back to the Future DeLorean
When you rent the DeLorean Time Machine you will get guaranteed safety questions. Here we provide you with the necessary information about the protection of the car. This way you can reassure the event location.

Fuel protection
The DeLorean Time Machine is fully secured. Upon arrival, the car runs on gas. The tank contains a maximum of 5 liters of fuel. The gas tank is made of plastic (Safe and leak-free) The gas tank is protected by a steel chassis and a steel protective plate under the gas tank.

Electricity of the car
The car has a “cut off master switch” (battery switch) This means that the car’s battery will be completely disconnected during the event. The DeLorean requires 220V power (16Amp, 3000W max). So a normal low voltage.

Electronic components
All props on the car are of LED lighting, with little or no heat being generated. All these components are also equipped with a master switch. All props have their own separate (acid-free) gel battery. Each component also has its own fuse. All components (battery and fuses) are located in the trunk in the front of the car and are mounted on a fireproof, 20 mm thick, wooden plate.

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